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In this series we aim to help you understand the methods that we use when designing bicycle parts and products from the ground up, and hopefully help improve your cad skills along the way.

In this episode, we show you how we start a bike frame design with the very basic geometry skeleton and offer some tips and tricks on the way that we construct it so that we can build a robust and reliable model based on the initial construction.

Making sure you sketch your geometry is critical when it comes to complex bike frame models, and although it may look relatively simple, it is extremely beneficial to follow the right steps in the very beginning in order to save you lots of time and frustration as you get further into the design.

We are producing many more episodes to follow, covering the next steps such as;

Episode 2: Configurations - adding multiple sizes to your construction sketch

Episode 3: Turning your sketch into a part - How to select the right features in the software to start building your parts library to build a bike frame

Episode 4: Assemblies - How to start piecing together your bike frame and understanding the relation between the frame and the parts required to assemble it.

Episode 5: In Context editing - How to design and adjust parts related to your new assembly so that you can make sure everything fits perfectly together.

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