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Updated: Apr 1

In this series we aim to help you understand the methods that we use when designing bicycle parts and products from the ground up, and hopefully help improve your cad skills along the way.

In this episode, we delve into In Context modelling where we use an assembly file as the fundamental base from which to create multiple parts.

It is helpful to understand the basics of creating your geometry skeleton and how to configure it into multiple sizes, so if you missed our first episodes, be sure to watch them first before diving into the more complicated steps:

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Using In Context modelling is a critical technique when it comes to using OnShape effectively and it adds robustness to your models as well as making it much more straight forward to understand the most logical steps in your design process.

We are producing many more episodes to follow, so if there is anything you wan to see, or any specific tools and features you would like some help with, let us know in the comments and we try to incorporate those into future episodes.

If you found this helpful or if you have other questions that you would like us to help answer, be sure to comment below or get in touch with us directly via our website or social media @redburndesign

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