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PODCAST - Building The Forbidden Bike Brand with Redburn Design Founder Alastair Beckett

One again we sat down with Gareth of MTB Tribe to chat about the launch of a young new brand, Forbidden Bike Company.

Working with old friends and new partners, we decided to take on the big brands and bring something new to market. This episode talks about all of the trials and tribulations faced in the early stages and shares some insight into the process that the team involved went through to get it to where it was.

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Find Out:

  • How Redburn Design has being going over the last year

  • What exciting projects Alastair has been working on

  • How Alastair got involved in building the Forbidden Bike Company

  • Why Alastair ended up being the co-founder of the company

  • What Alastair and his business partner Owen have been working on to create this new exciting bike brand

  • What is involved in creating, designing, building and bringing a product to market

  • How Alastair and Owen landed their dream factory to produce the Forbidden frame

  • The different elements involved in designing and building a mountain bike frame

  • How the guys went about testing the frame with some local riders

  • What the initial feedback was like

  • How Alastair had to learn about distribution and getting the bike frame into customers hands

  • Why Alastair hand picked the retails he wanted to work with and why

  • The future plans Alastair and Owen have for Forbidden

  • Where you can get your hands on a Forbidden frame

  • How to get in contact with Alastair and the Forbidden bike company

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