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PODCAST - The Growth Of Nukeproof and creation of Redburn Design

We sat down with fellow Northern Irish MTB enthusiast Gareth Beckett back in 2018 to talk through a bit of founder Alastair Beckett's past experience in building the Nukeproof brand and how that led to the creation of a new design company focussed on developing talent and creating opportunity while disrupting the industry through clever design and development.

Find Out:

  • How Alastair started mountain biking

  • How Alastair’s first ride on a mountain bike was actually in a race

  • That awesome school mistake!

  • The software that changed everything for Alastair

  • How Alastair started working for CRC (Chain Reaction Cycles)

  • Why his work trip to Morzine never happened

  • How Alastair feel into being a mechanic on the World Cup

  • Crazy jobs you do on a independent World Cup Team

  • How Alastair got the brand designer job at CRC

  • What Alastair’s first impressions were of the Nukeproof brand

  • How Alastair build the brand to what it is today

  • What the bike factories are like to work with

  • The drive and comment Alastair required to build Nukeproof to become a success

  • Alistair’s new venture in brand design, development and marketing

  • How to get in contact with Alastair

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