Unite Billet - CNC Frame Design

Developed with UK manufacture in mind, this project set out to be designed around the capabilities of UK Components brand 'Unite' and would be added to their existing range of innovative UK made MTB components.

Working directly with Unite Co, we developed a geometry and kinematics to suit the riding style of company owner and ex racer Andrew.
He wanted a hard hitting long travel enduro chassis, with an aesthetic that didnt hide the manufacturing method.
We pulled together some ideas and aesthetic proposals, then set to work modelling this frame and tackling its unique challenges.

The rear triangle needed to come from the same billet of airspace grade Aluminium as the front triangle, so that was accommodated within the front triangle.
A flat seam was required around the perimeter of the front triangle to provide a surface for the laser weld assembly process.
Lastly the bearings needed to be oversize where possible, and the frame should utilise the UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger) from Sram.

Cable routing was a challenge due to the nature of machining the frame from a single billet of Aluminium, so the cable guides are 3D printed in Nylon and match the outer profile of the chassis for a seamless integration and finish.


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