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We offer a wide range of services and support for all aspects of the development process, from conceptualisation through to supply chain and launch.
We have helped deliver new products, services and brands, as well as winning multiple industry recognised awards through product innovation and design. 


Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Working with our cloud based CAD package, we can create 3D models and provide virtual compliance checks based on our clients design brief. We work in both solid and advanced surface modelling to provide a finished design which can also be paired with our product render package to provide go-to-market launch material.

Privateer 161 - Exploded.207.png

Suspension Kinematics

For MTB chassis projects, the suspension performance is an integral part of the overall product. We work with each client to understand their target customer and can develop a unique suspension layout tailored to suit the ride characteristics desired by the product team. We also work closely with the leading suspension engineers at multiple brands to validate and test each clients configuration long before the product hits the market.  


Supply Chain & Operations

Once you have your finished design, it is critical to pull together a supply chain that suits your current business needs and scale. We have worked with many clients and suppliers to forge partnership to develop and produce a wide variety of products both within the domestic market and further afield.  We can supply support on all levels of manufacture, operations and logistics and have experience in distributing goods all around the world.


Design for Manufacture (DFM)

A beautifully designed 3D looks great, but the real work is done during this stage. We will work with each client to set out their preferred manufacturing process for each component, and ensure that the engineering and design is carried out with production in mind. We ensure the parts are easy to manufacture and incorperate the latest technology available.  

2009280302 Parts Before Build.jpg

Product Management

Turning your prototype into a finished product fitted on a customers bike takes a lot of work. We have vast experience in turning spreadsheet full of individual components into a finished assembled product, with packaging, barcodes and product page on your E-commerce website ready for it's new owner to click "place order"


Rapid Prototyping (3D Printing)

A vital part of the design process is rapid prototyping. We carry out regular validation of our design though 3D printing in house, as well as providing connection with a network of additive manufacturing partners who can turn your concept into a life size physical test sample. For projects requiring more hands on physically demanding tests, we also produce rideable prototypes suitable for initial rider feedback of geometry and suspension layouts.

Assembly 1 Rendering (28) 2.PNG

Photorealistic Product Renders

A great tool for helping with your Go-to-market planning is the use of photo-realistic product renders which allow not only an accelerated route to launch but enable new ways to help explain your product to potential customers with the use of sectional and exploded views. 

Assembly 1 (62).png

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Continual assessment throughout the development and design process is key to achieving the targets set out in each clients design brief. FEA (Finite Element Analysis) or Simulation, enables us to refine and iterate through quickly and efficiently to maximise strength and weight on new designs. 

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