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We worked closely with the team at Privateer from it's early conception right through launch and continue to support them with our design services today. 



The first model to be developed and released in the Privateer range. Top of the design brief we received was the ability to 'Winch and Plummet' as well as to compete at the top level under EWS athlete Matt Stuttard. 

We worked with the Privateer product team to establish a geometry framework, suspension kinematics layout and a highly competitive performance chassis to fit the target customer.



A development which presented itself during the latter stages of the 161 project, was its little brother and more 'every day' chassis, the 141. Slacker seat tube angles and a more relaxed dynamic riding position was the aim for this bike, and it continues to fight well above its weight in terms of performance and price point.



Initial concieved as a training aid, the Shimano EP8 version of the 161 threw some challenges up but also some opportunity to develop the concept and improve the end product. What we ended up with is a do it all workhorse with the handling and capabilities of the very best EWS winning bikes. 

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